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The CSS3 Carousel Experiment

Posted Friday, August 6th, 2010 05:17 pm GMT +8 | CSS |

Screen shot 2011-06-18 at 9.58.55 PM

When I first read about CSS Animation, I thought that they shouldn’t be messing with the separation of logic and style. In my mind, it should be clear that logic (animation, rotation, even the alternating row styles) should be in javascript, all the styles should be in CSS, and the document structure in HTML. One time, while working on our internal project, I thought I’d try a little -webkit-transition-duration because I wanted the color of the links to gradually change to something else on hover. But when I hovered on our main navigation that was using a sprite image, the background scrolled from one background position to the next every time we hover on it because of the delay! It was really amusing. CSS3 Carousel I experimented a little bit with transition and descendant selectors, but apparently, p ~ p doesn’t work with :hover or :active or :focus very well … Continue reading

On creating themes and going out of your comfort zone

Posted Friday, October 2nd, 2009 12:55 pm GMT +8 | CMS |

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I have always been a WordPress girl, but you have to admit that there are instances where you just have to use something that specializes in that area. I’ve recently overhauled Last Leaf and turned it into a lifestream. I have stopped blogging there since the start of the year and have always thought of turning it into just that but I haven’t because creating themes for another CMS seemed intimidating. At first, I thought of writing my own lifestream, it should have been my way of learning more about RoR but until now, all I have in my folder is the basic install (which I have forgotten how I was able to produce) so I turned to the next best thing: Sweetcron. It’s been months since I have looked at Sweetcron, I remember that I found it so unfriendly to customize to one’s needs before. Turns out, all I … Continue reading

Random CSS tips and tricks

Posted Tuesday, September 16th, 2008 03:45 am GMT +8 | CSS |

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I wrote (as in handwritten) this a couple of weeks ago when I was having trouble sleeping, chances are you already know these things but, for the benefit of my rusty memory, I’ll still post it here. Besides, solving these problems took me hours of frustration, so I better chronicle it. :( There are times when list items occupy a huge space in IE even though you’re sure that you haven’t specified excessive paddings and margins to it. Setting the list item’s display value to inline-block will solve this (I’m a little surprised that IE 6 can interpret this value because I’ve always thought that it only knows block and inline, that’s how little I think of it). Inline doesn’t allow paddings and margins at the top and bottom area of the elements, however, it also means losing the width and layout of the element. In inline-block, we achieve just … Continue reading

Presenting videos using WordPress

Posted Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 03:54 am GMT +8 | Tutorials |


And without using a plugin. I thought of creating this post when I was on my way home from the recently concluded WordCamp Philippines. There was a woman who was in Karla Redor‘s talk who asked on how she can host the video in her own blog and use WordPress to file it for her. She can use a plugin that will let her upload the videos in her blog or do it the “harder” way. Something that I’m very fond of doing. Seriously, I’m the type of person who would only resort to using plugins if: I’m lazy at the time to think of another way without using a plugin My head is aching and I’m getting frustrated because it just won’t follow what I’m telling it. The reason is because I am not a developer and it’s really hard to be dependent on a plugin specially if that … Continue reading

min-height in IE 6

Posted Sunday, August 31st, 2008 03:53 am GMT +8 | CSS |

Would you look at this, while everyone has finally decided that they will be dropping support for IE 6, that’s when I decided to create a tutorial for implementing min-height for the browser. Anyway, onto the post. We all know that the min-height property doesn’t work in IE 6. Instead, the height property acts as both the element’s height and min-height. Its role will ultimately rely on the value of your overflow property. If the overflow property is set to hidden then the height of the element is its max-height. If set on visible, however, then it will be its min-height. Overflow: Visible The element will take up the specified height and when the content of the element exceeds the height then the element will just expand vertically (or horizontally, if it needs to). You can define whether the it will expand vertically of horizontally by specifying the value for … Continue reading

Appending the title of the post in “Read more” links for WordPress

Posted Monday, April 28th, 2008 03:52 am GMT +8 | Tutorials |

One of the guidelines in usability is that you should provide only one way that will lead them to a certain action. For example, if someone sees 2 option buttons, chances are that they might think that each option button does separate tasks when in fact their functions are the same. Also, we have to make sure that the links are descriptive enough and if not, then we should provide a title for the link so when a user hovers over it then they’ll know where the link will take them. On a similar note, accessibility advocates encourages people to use unique name for every link that we use on a page (kinda like what I was saying before only have a different reason), meaning countless “Read more of this entry” is not really the best practice because you’re using the same text over and over and these texts are … Continue reading

When ‘is_home()’ doesn’t work

Posted Saturday, March 8th, 2008 03:56 am GMT +8 | Tutorials |

Note: This has been written a long time ago, some of the stuff here might not work anymore. I’d recommend using <?php is_frontpage(); > when using static frontpage instead. You can also visit the WordPress Codex for more information or contact me and I’ll try my best to help you. You hacked your WordPress homepage because you don’t intend to make a blog out of it and then all of a sudden the very useful conditional tag <?php if(is_home()) ?> no longer works. It happened to me twice and for that 2 occurrences, I couldn’t find a solution until a couple of days ago. I’m working on this project where I don’t need to show my posts anywhere aside from the category archive and single, not even in the homepage. What the client wants is that the home page should show all of the categories in the site, no matter … Continue reading